Aged Care Financial Planning

At Brisbane Aged Care Financial Advisers, our team has built a reputation on providing reliable, effective aged-care information services. We can help guide your decisions and prevent you from making costly mistakes or overlooking lucrative opportunities.

Aged-care financial planning is a complicated field, and it may seem overwhelming to go it alone. In addition to guiding key decisions, our team can help with aged-care fees and aged-care RAD’s, formerly known as accommodation bonds.

For these matters, professional advice can prove invaluable. Our experienced staff will help take the stress out of financial planning and assess multiple strategies to see how we can best help you. In addition, our clients can maximise Government pensions by taking advice from our financial care services.

Admission into aged care is famously complicated. Your family member may risk cuts to their aged pensions without expert help. In addition, there are often good opportunities to save on fees and nursing home costs that may be missed without advice.

Every situation is different, but here are some common elements of the aged care financial advice we provide our clients:

  • Strategies to fund accommodation RAD
  • Financial modelling of multiple aged care options
  • Review & planning of tax implications
  • Maximising government pensions
  • Minimising nursing home fees
  • Negotiating aged care facilities
  • Assistance with aged care

We provide expert aged-care advice that can take the burden out of aged-care financial planning.

Benefits Our Clients Enjoy:

  1. A ‘roadmap’ for the way forward
  2. Avoidance of expensive errors
  3. Savings on nursing home costs
  4. Improved cash-flow
  5. Access to a higher standard of care, or extra services
  6. No more worry and stress

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.